BMW Group Malaysia Reveals Top Finalists of the BMW Shorties 2017 at the BMW Shorties Festival 2017.

BMW Group Malaysia Reveals Top Finalists of the BMW Shorties 2017 at the BMW Shorties Festival 2017.

16th November 2017

The eleventh edition of BMW Shorties shortlists 9 finalists in the running for the RM75,000 film production grant.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 November 2017 – The BMW Shorties, Malaysia’s most prestigious and longest running short film competition has selected 9 finalists from a total of 90 submissions for the year 2017, continuing its success in growing more talents in the local film making industry.

Mr Han Sang Yun, Managing Director & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said, “Over 11 years, the BMW Shorties program has had the esteemed opportunity of not only shaping the local film making industry but also meeting the emerging needs and challenges of the change in digital and social media, where the elements of storytelling and framing of content are crucial in the medium of communication. The program has been very successful in identifying and supporting new talents for the future of the industry as well as inspire creativity and drive innovation in the medium.”

Judging this year’s competition is a line-up of Malaysia’s top and notable film making virtuosos which comprises award-winning creative producer, Nandita Solomon; up-and-coming film maker and screenwriter, Nadira Ilana; scriptwriter and actor, Redza Minhat; award-wining film makers Ho Yuhang and Tan Chui Mui.

Nandita Solomon, who has sat on the BMW Shorties judging panel for several years, said, “For all the years I’ve contributed as a judge in the competition, this year specifically was challenging due to the different portrayal and interpretation of film making by the participants. Their diversity in style and storytelling demanded a critical deliberation from the judging panel.

Nadira Ilana, who joins the judging board for the second time, commented, “As I was a part of the panel last year, this time around I had a more focused approach in attending to the films submitted. I must say that our local talents continue to impress me with their creativity and innovation, evidently so from their work. It was very refreshing to see passion portrayed through bold storytelling in the film entries. This proves the abundance of creative talents out there, and through a platform like the BMW Shorties, it gives them the support to mark their legacies in the art of film creation for the long run.”

One of the 9 finalists will win the grand prize award of a RM 75,000 production grant alongside promising prospects in the filmmaking industry. Other accolades for filmmaking potentials include Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Editing and Best Sound Design, as well as the ever popular People’s Choice Award.

The 9 finalists’ short films are up to contend for the People’s Choice Award which opens for public voting, from November 14 to December 14, 2017 on

The BMW Shorties 2017 Finalists (in alphabetical order) are:

  • After Tango by New Chun Hui
  • Desakan Dewasa by Johanna Johan Ariffin
  • Gold! There’s gold in the river by Mallory Lee
  • Livornia by Shaurin Zainurin
  • Never Was The Shade by Lim Kean Hian
  • Sekunder by Wan Mohd Shafiq
  • Selam 2.0 by Lor Yew Mien
  • The Last 7 by Jared Lee Wei Sheong
  • Touch by Chong Kah Man & Lim Poh Yun

The BMW Shorties 2017 Supporting Award nominees in alphabetical order are:

Best Director

  • New Chun Hui for After Tango
  • Lor Yew Mien for Selam 2.0
  • Lim Kean Hian for Never Was The Shade

Best Cinematography

  • Gold! There is gold in the river! by Thng Wai Fong
  • Never Was the Shade by Jason Wong
  • Selam 2.0 by Khairil M Bahar

Best Screenplay

  • After Tango by New Chun Hui
  • Desakan Dewasa by Johanna Johan Ariffin
  • Never Was The Shade by Lim Kean Hian & Rozie Rashid

Best Production Design

  • Sekunder by Kirin Muhamad
  • Selam 2.0 by Bani
  • The Last 7 by Michael Lourdes

Best Sound Design

  • Sekunder by Syazana Nadira
  • Selam 2.0 by Ashwin Gobinath
  • The Last 7 by Warren Santiago

Best Editing

  • After Tango by Dixon Yoong
  • Never Was The Shade by Wong Kai Yun
  • Sekunder by Directed by Ammar Aizad

Best Actor

  • Desakan Dewasa by Bront Palarae
  • Never Was The Shade by Steve Yap
  • Sekunder by Hasnul Rahmat

Best Actress

  • Sekunder by Livonia Ricky
  • Selam 2.0 by Ameera Ramlee
  • Selam 2.0 by Yuna Rahim

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