In 2023, BMW Shorties underwent a metamorphosis, evolving to find new ways to showcase digital content creation from talented local artists. This year, we are looking to keep that PULSE alive. With this transformation, our journey surges forward—to uphold the momentum we've sparked, to break through creative boundaries with a reignited passion.

At the heart of this relentless drive, "PULSE" is the force propelling us to innovate endlessly and steadfastly pursue our passions. In a world defined by perpetual change, "PULSE", inspired by our passion in driving electrified mobility forward, serves as motivation to keep on driving the newest ideas and concepts for innovation as well as setting new benchmarks and standards. A beckon to local filmmakers to dive deep into the pursuit of excellence and the profound motivations that infuse vitality into their narratives.

29th July - 30th September 2024