About the BMW Shorties

The BMW Shorties is a cultural initiative by BMW Group Malaysia to provide amateur film makers with a platform to express their creativity. This short film competition is a continuous effort to identify, cultivate and support emerging film talent in the country. Since its inception in December 2006, the BMW Shorties has received more than 600 short film entries, many of which have gone on to screenings at prestigious international film festivals such as Cannes, New York, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Rome, Clermont-Ferrand and more.

Returning for the tenth year in 2016, the prominent short film competition is appropriately themed “Journey” to commemorate its decade-long milestone. The theme aims to encourage aspiring film makers to expound on and communicate the importance of a journey in the establishment of legacies in life.
The grand prize winner of the BMW Shorties short film competition will receive an RM 75,000 production grant. Recognition for film making talent will also be awarded in a line-up of supporting categories, including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Editing and Best Sound Design as well as the ever popular People’s Choice Award.

About “Journey”

The significance of a journey in the pursuit of legacy and ambition cannot be appreciated enough as it is the journey which shapes our identity. With the theme “Journey”, the BMW Shorties want aspiring film makers to recognize and internalize the significance of the journey not only in their short film creations but also in their own pursuit of a filmmaking career.

The BMW Shorties is now open for entries and you have until the 8th of November 2016 to submit your short film entry.


Judging this year’s competition is a line-up of Malaysia’s top film making virtuosos which comprises six-time BMW Shorties veteran and commercial film maker Lina Tan; award-winning Malaysian film maker, Liew Seng Tat; and up and coming film maker and screenwriter, Nadira Ilana. To mark the tenth edition of the BMW Shorties, the short film competition will also be judged by guest judges including renowned film editor and sound editor, Lee Chatametikool from Thailand as well as Yuni Hadi from Singapore, a refined film producer, author and curator specializing in the management of film and media projects.

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Murdered By: Chua Dick Woei
Crossroads By: Rebecca Yau Yi Mun
Da Capo By: Tan Ce Ding
Das By: Suresh Naidu
Haruman Hujan By: Martin Chong Yuh Lin
Johan Adam By: Lim Pik Lan
Leap of Faith By: Bryan Lim Yong Tiam
Muthal Naal Indru By: Jagatesh Letchumanan
Sincerely, The End By: Lee Wei Sheong
Talent House By: Tan Hyon-Lé
32°C Fall In Love By: Tan Seng Kiat
Crossing the Arctic By: Zahariz Khuzaimah
Guest Room By: Danny Chong Ka Yung
Heard By: Chai Chang Fook
Hidup Bersama By: Lau Ming Yeow
Qing Yi By: Mugunthan Loganathan
Thanks for Saving Me By: Tan Ce Ding
The Boy Who Rocked the World By: Paul Gan Yew Hoe
The Fancy Ah Boy By: Moh Chee Loong
The Painting By: Yiewin Khang
Rozita Binti Roslan By: Taufiq Kamal bin Abd Rahman
Khatijah By: Chong Yew Fei
Heartstring By: Lee Chee Hoo
Pejam Pelik By: Mohd Khairul Azri Md Noor
Putus By: Muhammad Ezmeer Bin Abd Rahman
Adunan By: Kee Jit How
Mama By: Chong Shun Yuan
A Gift By: Mallory Lee
Diri By: Sharifah Aleysha
Nexus By: Martin Raj
Fish By: Gan Yu Long
Tuck By: Gordon Ling Fu Chur
Koci 5 Ringgit By: Khairul Azharuddin
Gigi By: Audrie Yeo
Return By: Sean Kook Way Siong
Zuan By: Vance Chong Yew Hui
Highway By: Aw See Weet
The Cycle of Violence By: Caston J
The Return By: Keshvan A/L Sugumaran
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BMW Shorties 2016 People's Choice Award
Aman Nak Besar By: Affendi Azizan Director's commentary
Hawa By: Tan Ce Ding Director's commentary
Wednesday (休息日) By: Lee Kah Giap Director's commentary
The Bosom By: Pow Lai Xiang Director's commentary
Terminal By: Caston J Director's commentary
Once See Fatt Cai (一見發財) By: Blackcat Director's commentary
1304KM: Girl from Sumatra By: Lim Han Loong Director's commentary
Terus By: Sherwynn Victor Director's commentary
Revival By: Tham Wai Fook Director's commentary
Prisoner (囚) By: Dexter Lo Director's commentary
A Short Film Without a Title By: Koo Shu Xuan Director's commentary
Roundabout By: Liew Yew Yin Director's commentary