BMW Group Malaysia Reveals Finalists for BMW Shorties 2016.

BMW Group Malaysia Reveals Finalists for BMW Shorties 2016.

23rd November 2016

The tenth edition of the BMW Shorties receives the highest number of entries and for the first time in its history, shortlists 12 finalists for the competition this year.

Kuala Lumpur, 23 November 2016 – The BMW Shorties, Malaysia’s most prestigious and longest running short film competition celebrates its 10th year anniversary in 2016. For the first time in its decade-long history, the short film competition receives its highest number of submissions with 115 short films.

At the judging earlier this month, the quality of short films received made it very difficult for the judges to keep their nominations to 10 finalist short films. Eventually the panel selected 12 short films to be contested in the competition this year, another first for the BMW Shorties.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications of BMW Group Malaysia said, “Over the years, the BMW Shorties program has become a solid platform for young aspiring film talents in Malaysia to showcase their passion for this art form and to get a career start in the industry here.”

Sashi added that it has been a humbling experience for BMW Group Malaysia to be able to share the passion, the commitment and talent of the film makers with fellow Malaysians. He said, “This year, our theme ‘Journey’ does not only celebrate our decade-long milestone, but also reflects the success this initiative continues to enjoy.”

The judges presiding over this year’s competition is a line-up of Malaysia’s top filmmaking virtuosos comprising commercial film maker Lina Tan; award-winning Malaysian film maker, Liew Seng Tat; and up and coming film maker and esteemed screenwriter, Nadira Ilana, renowned film editor and sound editor, Lee Chatametikool from Thailand as well as Yuni Hadi from Singapore, a refined film producer, author and curator specializing in the management of film and media projects.

Lina Tan, who sits on the BMW Shorties judging panel for the sixth time this year, said, “In my years of being a BMW Shorties judge, the judging process this year is by far the most challenging one due to the drastically improved quality observed in most of the submissions. The entries brought with them such a diversity of approaches to film making alongside an impressive quality such which demanded an exceptionally critical deliberation from the judging panel.”

Nadira Ilana, who joins the judging board for the first time, commented, “I am impressed with the maturity communicated by many of the participating film makers in their productions. It was very refreshing to see passion portrayed through bold storytelling in the film entries. This proves the abundance of creativity out there – film making talent who simply need a platform like the BMW Shorties to support them in establishing legacies in the art of film creation.”

Lee Chatametikool, a celebrated film and sound editor, observed, “Aside from the impressive competence displayed through the film submissions, there is a local flavour in many of the creations which is unique to Malaysia. Given the opportunity, I believe that this local narrative – internalized by so many of the BMW Shorties entrants – will bring the Malaysian film making industry to new heights in the international scene as well as unlock its potential in shaping a generation through film production.”

One of the 12 finalists will win the grand prize award of a RM 75,000 production grant alongside promising prospects in the filmmaking industry. Other accolades for filmmaking potential include Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Editing and Best Sound Design as well as the ever popular People’s Choice Award.

The 12 finalists’ short films are up to contend for the People’s Choice Award which opens for public voting from the 30th November to 7th December, 2016 on

The BMW Shorties 2016 Finalists (in no particular order) are:

  • Aman Nak Besar by Affendi Azizan
  • Hawa by Tan Ce Ding
  • Wednesday (休息日) by Lee Kah Giap
  • The Bosom by Pow Lai Xiang
  • Terminal by Caston J
  • Once See Fatt Cai (一見發財) by Chan Kean Wah
  • 1304KM: Girl from Sumatra by Lim Han Loong
  • Terus by Sherwynn Victor
  • Revival by Tham Wai Fook
  • Prisoner (囚) by Dexter Lo
  • A Short Film without a Title by Koo Shu Xuan
  • Roundabout by Liew Yew Yin

The BMW Shorties 2016 Supporting Award nominees (in no particular order) are:

Best Director

  • Tham Wai Fook for Revivial
  • Chan Kean Wah for Once See Fatt Cai (一見發財)
  • Affendi Azizan for Aman Nak Besar
  • Sherwynn Victor for Terus
  • Tan Ce Ding for Hawa

Best Cinematography

  • Wednesday (休息日) by Lee Kah Giap
  • Hawa by Tan Teck Zee
  • Aman Nak Besar by Iswandi Salim
  • A Short Film Without a Title by Damien Goh Kwee Yew
  • Terus by Jeffery Ng Jun Guan

Best Screenplay

  • Terus by Sherwynn Victor, Derek Lim, & Daniyal Kadir
  • Aman Nak Besar by Affendi Azizan
  • Once See Fatt Cai (一見發財) by Chan Kean Wah
  • 1304KM: Girl from Sumatra by Lim Han Loong
  • Revival by Tham Wai Fook
  • Terminal by Caston J
  • Hawa by Tan Ce Ding & Andy Darrel Gomes

Best Production Design

  • Revival by Teh Kah Wee
  • Hawa by Jess Ooi
  • Marathon by We Jun
  • Selam by Bani
  • Terus by Aiman Hamzah

Best Sound Design

  • Terus by Tang Wai Kent & Sherwynn Victor
  • The Bosom by Jaster Fong
  • Terminal by Caston J
  • Marathon by Sebastian Ng & We Jun
  • Prisoner (囚) by San
  • Hawa by Azrin Mohamad Noor

Best Editing

  • Once See Fatt Cai (一見發財) by Chan Kean Wah
  • Hawa by Tan Ce Ding
  • Prisoner (囚) by Kenneth Tan
  • Terus by Sherwynn Victor
  • Aman Nak Besar by Affendi Azizan

Best Actor

  • Kenny Gan in Roundabout
  • Jonathan Lee, Jon Art, & Zac in Once See Fatt Cai (一見發財)
  • Vincent Wong in Hawa
  • Yap Chin Fong in Terminal
  • Azman Hassan in Terus
  • Best Actress
  • Susan Lankester in Marathon
  • Lim Soek Yuen in Act 1: Journey to Guang
  • Mia Sabrina Mahadir in 1304KM: Girl from Sumatra
  • Syarafina Abdullah in Aman Nak Besar
  • Hawa Khadeeja in Hawa
  • Sukania Venugopal in Terminal
7 of the 12 Finalists of the BMW Shorties 2016 BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - Hawa by Tan Ce Ding (Andy Darrel Gomes, Scriptwriter of Hawa) BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - A Short Film Without A Title by Koo Shu Xuan BMW Shorties 2016 - 1304KM Girl From Sumatra by Lim Han Loong BMW Shorties 2016 - Once See Fatt Chai by Chan Kean Wah BMW Shorties 2016 - Prisoner by Dextor Lo BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - Aman Nak Besar by Affendi Azizan BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - Roundabout by Liew Yew Yin BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - Terminal by Caston J BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - Terus by Sherwynn Victor BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - The Bosom by Pow Lai Xiang BMW Shorties 2016 Finalist - Wednesday by Lee Kah Giap

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