Ring of Fury

by Tony Yeow & James Sebastian

  • Date18 November 2019
  • Time9:00PM - 10:20PM
  • Location1st Floor


A humble noodle-seller refuses to pay extortion fees, but when tragedy befalls, he takes up martial arts in order to exact revenge upon the gang led by a mysterious man in an iron mask. 'Ring of Fury' is Singapore’s first martial arts film featuring their own karate master, Peter Chong.

Courtesy of Asian Film Archive.

Director Bio

Tony Yeow (1938 - 2015) started out in the 1960s as a producer in television and radio, where he produced commercials, documentaries, and government campaign films in Singapore. Yeow made 'Ring of Fury' after an encounter with Bruce Lee in Hong Kong. Although the film was banned for three decades, Yeow was undeterred and continued to dabble in film projects such as the comedies, 'The Two Nuts' and 'Tiger’s Whip'..

James Sebastian (b. 1933) started his career in television supervising a department of cameramen and film editors. He left television to start an independent career as a scriptwriter, a career that spanned nearly thirty years. He wrote over 150 film scripts, 57 of which he also directed and edited. He wrote and co-directed, 'Ring of Fury'. Sebastian left Singapore and migrated to Australia with his family in 1984. Now retired, Sebastian devotes his time entirely to writing.