Portrait of an Invisible Man

by Mahen Bala

  • Date17 November 2019
  • Time8:00PM - 8:05PM
  • Location1st Floor


Mr. Moorthy has spent the last 30 odd-years loading film reels into projectors but today, his job is replaced with an automated digital system. In this short portrait documentary, memories of old movie theatres rewind as told by one of the last film projectionists of Malaysia.

Director Bio

Mahen Bala, is a documentary photographer, filmmaker and writer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Primarily interested in exploring memory and identity in Southeast Asia, he has worked on recording and contextualising the social history of various subjects including kopitiam culture, cinemas, the Klang Valley riverine network, and the practice of worshipping the Datuk Gong.

His latest book, 'Postcards from the South', is a comprehensive record of railway memory and identity on the Southern line between Gemas and Tanjong Pagar.