by Royston Tan

  • Date18 November 2019
  • Time7:00PM - 7:20PM
  • Location1st Floor


A musical, all-singing, all-dancing attack on censorship in Singaporean movies, 'Cut' centers around a film buff who chases a frumpy censor down a supermarket aisle, reeling off a string of films which the bureaucrat had snipped.

Director Bio

Royston Tan, has been heralded as one of Singapore’s most prolific Singaporean directors. His third feature '881', a Getai-based musical drama grossed over SGD3.5million in box office sales, making it Singapore’s top grossing Asian film for 2007. It was also selected as Singapore’s entry to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and received a nomination for the 44th Golden Horse Awards.

Royston also won Best Director for his feature '12 Lotus' during the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival. Royston's infamous short film, 'Cut' was made after his first feature film, '15', was given a record 27 'cuts' by the Singapore Censorship Board in 2004.