A Million Years

by Danech San

  • Date21 November 2019
  • Time7:00PM - 7:25PM
  • Location1st Floor


A young woman relaxes at a riverfront restaurant with a friend. She recounts stories of her past experiences, finding enchantment in the flows of the river and the trees on the mountains nearby. Strangely, she enters a parallel riverfront with a stranger and they both recount stories of fear and she finds herself in a realisation of her confusion of reality.

Director Bio

Danech Sann, studied interior design, but has worked in various fields including TV and cinema. She is currently affiliated with Anti-Archive, a group established by young filmmakers in Cambodia, and was a production crew member on Kavich Neang’s 'Three Wheels' and Davy Chou’s 'Diamond Island'. 'A Million Years' is her first directorial film.